The Rock Church

About The Rock Church

The Rock is a revolution in church. We believe Jesus Christ was the ultimate revolutionary for social and spiritual change. Our foundation is His Word, the Bible. Without watering down or comprising the truth of the Bible, we seek to incorporate Christ’s teachings and values into our everyday lives. We're committed to loving our enemies, refusing to judge people, being kind, and treating others as we wish to be treated. We seek to love as God loves.
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Who is Jesus?

In all of human history, there has never been a person more controversial, more hated, and more loved than Jesus Christ. Time has revolved around Him; cities have been built to honor Him; songs have been sung to worship Him; and countless men and women have laid down their lives to defend Him. Without question, many people have an idea of who Jesus is. Perhaps you have an idea of who Jesus is. Maybe you have formed your idea of Jesus from what the media says, or maybe you remember old songs from childhood Sunday School lessons.
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Recent Blog Posts

  • Good Works

    I was cleaning out the basement a few weeks ago and found an old journal of mine. After reading a few pages, it would seem that all I ever did back in 2007 was think about Jesus, talk about Jesus,…
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  • Revealed

    “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” — Luke 8:16 -17 I’d like to tell you a story. Although it took place a…
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  • May Cause Death

    Last week, a number of our pastors traveled to the great state of Iowa for our annual Pastor’s Conference. One of the conference speakers spoke on the unbelievable danger that pornography presents to our society. It impacts everyone: men, women,…
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