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Pee Pond

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Pee Pond A Word by Pastor Josh Whitney from The Rock Churches in Utah

“In regard to these [sins], they think it strange that you do not run with them in the same flood of dissipation, speaking evil of you.” — 1 Peter 4:4

Dissipation is excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures. The world is surprised when you don’t jump into the same pool of sinful pleasures.

Last year, my family and I visited some friends who live out in a rural area. While we were talking, I asked my friend (because they live so far away from town), “What do you do with your waste water? Do you have a leech field?”

I know that is not a very normal question. It’s because of my engineering background. My friend said, “No, we have a pee pond.” He explained how the ‘solids’ and ‘liquids’ are separated. Then the liquids make their way into a waste water evaporation pond. I told him I had to see this. So, I hiked over to the pond. Yep, there was it was. The waste water evaporation pond.

Gross! When I studied this verse, I thought of the pee pond. It is exactly what the world is doing. They are running and doing cannon balls into the pee pond of sin. We used to do it with them. Then we got saved. Jesus cleaned us up and gave us a new heart. He transformed us from the inside out. We didn’t clean ourselves up, He did it. He made us new. He clothed us in his righteousness!

Now your friends say, “Come jump in the pee pond with us!” And you’re like, “No I’ll pass.” And they attack you. People think you are crazy now. Why wouldn’t you party, drink and have sex? What’s wrong with you? Why wouldn’t you sacrifice your family to make more money? Why wouldn’t you live for your hobbies? The changed life of a Believer condemns the unbeliever; no wonder they hate the change. Christian, I hope you understand that when people attack us, it is a chance for us to witness to them about Jesus!

Trying to stay dry.


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