The Rock Church


The Rock Cares and we want the world to know it.

The Rock Cares includes all of the compassion and outreach ministries in our church. We are committed to being the hands and feet of Christ, and we want to do our best to connect to the greater body of believers — in our own church, our local community, and the world.

The Rock Cares also includes our Mission Initiatives, both locally and abroad. Most of our Care Coordinators are members of The Rock Church and have been involved in these ministries for years. We partner with these ministries through prayer, volunteering, and sometimes providing financial support.

Each month throughout the year, we will highlight one of these ministries and share unique needs, volunteer opportunities, and ways you can become involved. Please contact Steve McInroy with any questions: You can also check out our The Rock Cares Calendar for upcoming events.

  • A Mom’s Heart support group

    This group is for the support and encouragement of moms who have either adopted or fostered children (or are interested in either). We meet at The Rock Church on the first Thursday of the month. Contact Laurie Rehmer or Erica Hale for more information.

  • For The Orphan Network

    For The Orphan Network is a ministry made up of churches, individual advocates, community partners, and agencies. These people and organizations are passionate about sharing ideas and collaborating on ways to be a voice for orphans and vulnerable children (both locally and globally). Their mission is to engage, equip, mobilize, and unite the local church in the Salt Lake Valley. They want to be an extension of God's love from our own community to the rest of the world. Contact Laurie Rehmer for more information.
    For The Orphan Network Facebook Page

  • Royal Family Kids’ Camp

    Royal Family KIDS Camp provides a local, Christian, summer camp for 50 foster children between the ages of 7-11. This camp shares the love of Christ with these children in fun and practical ways. These kids are blessed with a week full of amazing memories and Christ’s love. For more information, please contact Heather Colling.

  • Utah Adoption Exchange

    The Utah Office of The Adoption Exchange is dedicated to helping children find safe, loving, and permanent homes. They also assist adoptive families by providing resource information and referrals, support, advocacy, and education. Contact Erica Hale for more information.

  • Utah Foster Care

    Utah Foster Care finds, educates, and supports families to care for children placed in foster care. They are a non-profit organization created and authorized by the Utah legislature. Contact Erica Hale for more information.

  • Salt Lake Rescue Mission

    The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake wants to take care of Utah's homeless and poor population, through emergency services and addiction recovery. They provide shelter, food, and clothing. These services are meant to restore dignity and foster trust, so that they can introduce those who are homeless and poor to Jesus and guide them out of poverty. For more information, contact Robert Buckley.

  • The Road Home

    The Road Home provides shelter to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. They ultimately help people step out of homelessness and back into the community, providing equal treatment, compassion, respect and dignity. For more information contact Kelli Bowers.

  • Becuase He First Loved Us

    Because He First Loved Us is a relational ministry in Utah. It is designed for refugee families to meet their spiritual, educational, and practical needs. Because He First Loved Us makes an impact through their tutoring and mentoring programs, sports programs, and special events. If you have any questions, contact Jenny Squire and come get involved!

  • Hartland

    University Neighborhood Partners (UNP) has a mission “to bring together University and west side resources for reciprocal learning, action, and benefit...a community coming together.” The Hartland Partnership Center is the largest UNP Center. They offer numerous adult and youth programs for the west side community, but program participants are predominately families from refugee and immigrant backgrounds. To get involved, please contact Kelby McIntyre.

  • Compassion International

    Compassion International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. They want to help them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. They look after the health, education and welfare of impoverished children and child sponsorship is critical. In a world where more than a billion children live on less than $2 per day, child sponsorship (connecting one child with one sponsor) is the most strategic way to end child poverty. Through monthly financial support, prayer and letter writing, sponsors invest directly in the lives of children. Contact Tim Stephen or Laurie Rehmer for more information.

  • The Lulu Tree

    The Lulu Tree’s mission is to prevent tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s families (with the greater purpose of becoming one family in Christ). Lulu Tree does this by partnering with pastors and community leaders in villages across Uganda and Sierra Leone. They train them to equip the families in their churches. Their primary goal is to prevent the destructive cycles that keep these communities from thriving. Stateside, we can help Lulu’s mission by packing Mama Kits and encouraging the pastors and members of the Lulu family in Africa. For more information, contact Bob Davis at (385)-204-8225 or Erica Hale at (801)-651-0189.

  • Voice of the Martyrs

    The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to giving practical and spiritual help to the persecuted church around the world. The ministry is based on Hebrews 13:3, “Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.” (NLT) For more inforamation, contact Michael Hasebroock.

  • Operation Christmas Child

    Operation Christmas Child brings good news and great joy through the power of a simple gift. What goes into a shoebox is fun, but what comes out is eternal. As children receive gift-filled shoeboxes, they hear the Gospel. You can have a role in reaching millions of children with God’s love by supporting this project of Samaritan’s Purse. Contact Susie Jackson at (385) 315-8433 for more information.

  • Europe Mission Trips


    Our mission trips to Europe are focused on evangelistic concerts and street evangelism in the countries of Germany, Italy and Poland.

    Learn more about Europe mission trips →

  • Honduras Mission Trips


    Our trips consist of serving our sister church in Danli, where we typically are conducting children's ministry, assisting in their benevolence outreach to the needy, and helping complete their new ministry center.

    Learn more about Honduras mission trips →

  • Romania Mission Trips


    Our first trip to Romania, where we'll be helping with new church construction as well as children's ministry at Casa Sperantei (House of Hope) in Azardu.

    Learn more about Romania mission trips →

  • Pregnancy Resource Center

    The Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake is dedicated to helping women, men, and families, with unplanned pregnancies, post-abortion recovery, parenting classes, material resources, referrals and much more! They exist to listen and respond with love and care, providing hope for the future. Please contact Denise Buckley if you have any questions.

  • Meals

    Most of us have been truly blessed when someone brought us a meal during a stressful time in our lives (new baby, surgery, moving to a new home, just to name a few). The Rock Church family loves to serve those in need by providing meals. Even though they are mainly coordinated through our Small Groups, sometimes, they can use a helping hand (and if there is a need outside of a Small Group, we want to know about it)! If you’re interested in having your name added to our database of people willing to take a meal to someone, please contact our Rock Meals Coordinator, Grace Beldock (801) 787-6395.

  • Center for Christian Therapy

    Center for Christian Therapy provides individual and family counseling for men, women, teens, children, and couples aimed at lasting change.
    Please contact Jenny Squire for more information.