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    Small groups in Draper

    If you come to the Draper Church for very long, you’ll hear us talk about how important we think Small Groups are. I believe that they are one of God’s biggest and best ideas (and I think you’re really going to love them!). The word “church” shows up in the Bible no less than 79 times. In some cases, we read of large group meetings at the temple and at other times we hear of smaller groups gathering in homes.


    Which is it? Large or small? The answer is… it’s both! We believe that God has a plan for Small Groups and wants to use them to be an essential part of every believer’s life! In our Draper Church, we have many different groups meeting throughout the week and I strongly encourage everyone to join one. You become part of a smaller “family” and “do life” together. When you’re having a difficult time, there are others right there to support you. When life is going great, there will be others ready to rejoice with you! We all need to love and serve with others and Small Groups are the way to see that happen. If you miss out on Small Groups, you’re missing out on the true heartbeat of our church. Please contact me if you have questions or I can help you in any way. Don’t put off joining one — there are some of your new best friends waiting to meet you!

    Spring 2015 Small Group Directory


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