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  1. “You Asked For It” series

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    You Asked for It series

    We all have questions.

    What does God say about sexuality and gender issues? If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? Who would God vote for as President? Sometimes, it’s hard to find the answers we need. In our upcoming 15-week series, You Asked For It, you’ll have a chance to discover answers to the questions you’ve been asking.


    Join us (starting September 4-6) as we tackle the topics that are really on your mind and in your life.

    Here is a list of topics that will be covered.

    • ATHEISM: What is it and how can I speak to the subject?
    • BIBLE CONTRADICTIONS: How can I speak on this subject?
    • GOD’S WILL: How do I find God’s will for me?
    • HEAR GOD: How do I know when God is speaking?
    • POLITICS: What should we do about politics?
    • FORGIVING OTHERS: How do I forgive others?
    • MARRIAGE: How do I make my marriage better?
    • PARENTING: How can I be a better parent?
    • TOLERANCE: What it really is and how can I be tolerant in a Biblical way?
    • DEPRESSION: How does God want me to deal with depression?
    • HEAVEN: What happens when I die (Heaven)?
    • RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM: Terrorism, our response, & threat to US peace.
    • SEXUAL IDENTITY: Marriage, Trans-gender, LGBT, etc…
    • STRESS & ANXIETY: How do I handle stress and anxiety?
    • ISRAEL: Role in the world, Christian responsibility.
    • CHURCH IN POLITICS: Separation of church and state, legal boundaries.

    Don’t forget to invite a friend!

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  2. Galatians Series

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    Galatians Series

    The Book of Galatians is one of the Apostle Paul’s most impassioned and eloquent letters. It warns Christians about the dangers of both legalism and lawlessness, calling Believers to live in the freedom of a gospel-shaped life.


    Throughout this book we will encounter the promises, warnings, and gospel declarations that will help us find true liberty in our identity as God’s adopted children. Join us at The Rock Church for a ten-part series at all of our locations. We’ll discover the freedom found in the statement, “salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone”. Series starts at all locations on the weekend of October 2-4.

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  3. Did God Really Say?

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    The first lie recorded in human history was one of doubting God’s goodness. The devil twisted what God said, and then used it to attack Mankind. Unfortunately, we bought into the lie and the rest is history. Fast forward to today. Our culture still believes the lie. The attack on Truth, the Bible, has never been more malicious. Ideas such as, “How can you believe the Bible when it blatantly promotes slavery and degrades women?” or “Look at how much murder, death and evil Christianity is responsible for.” or “The Bible is a homophobic book that threatens to send everyone to hell who doesn’t agree with it.” With people saying and believing things like this, it seems like Christianity has its back up against the wall. Or does it? Are these statements actually true? Or have people been deceived in this 140 character Social Media generation?

    Join us at The Rock Church starting June 26, as we take a brutally honest look into these ideas and misconceptions. We’ll go back to the Source to see for ourselves… “Did God Really Say?”

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  4. Faithwalkers

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    This last December, all the saints from the GCC Mountains West Region were invited to Grand Junction, Colorado from December 27-30 to the Faithwalkers Conference. This conference is such a great way to end the year with a concentrated time of messages, worship and fellowship. This year 650 saints showed up and it was a tremendous blessing to be together as the larger body of Christ! (more…)

    All that attended were given the opportunity, to connect with God without the distractions of everyday life, to attend 9 main sessions (the theme for this year was Jesus: His Life, His Mission), coupled with dynamic worship from Hayden, Steele, and Travis (from the Fort Collins church), and numerous seminars centered on a variety of topics from creation to parenting. And of course the time to catch up with old friends, make new ones

    At least one person from Utah encountered Jesus in a profound way by receiving Jesus’ free gift of salvation!

    The messages have been uploaded and are ready for you to listen to.

    Thank you Lord and were looking forward to next time!

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