The Rock Church


    Ministry Partners

  • Center for Christian Therapy

    Center for Christian Therapy provides individual and family counseling for men, women, teens, children and couples aimed at lasting change.

  • Come&Live!

    Come&Live! is a music ministry that has a very similar vision to The Rock Music. Their website is a great place to find more worship music!

  • Pregnancy Resource Center

    The Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake is concerned for each unique individual and their specific needs and questions. They exist to listen and respond with love and care, providing hope for the future.

  • Rescue Mission

    The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake exists to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the homeless, addicted and/or poor through humanitarian efforts and faith and maturity in Jesus Christ.

  • Ministerio en Espãnol

    The Rock Church Ministerio en Español’s main focus is to breakthrough the language barrier between English and Spanish, without changing the founding principals of the church as a whole. And in this way to reach out to the Hispanic community in Utah with a clear and simple message that points to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, without reservations or conditions; just as it’s written.

    The Rock Church Ministerio en Español se enfoca en traspasar la barrera del lenguaje entre el Ingles y el Español, sin cambiar los principios fundamentales de la iglesia en general. De esta manera alcanzar a la comunidad hispana en Utah, con un mensaje simple y claro, que apunta sin compromiso a la persona de Jesucristo; según el evangelio.

    For more information, please visit thier Facebook Group Page!

  • Links

  • 58:

    58: is an unprecedented Christ-centered global initiative bringing together world-class anti-poverty organizations, churches and individuals like you to end extreme poverty.

  • Alpha and Omega Ministries

    The base ministry for Dr. James White, author and apologist. This site has many Christian apologetic resources including audio of previous debates and lectures that Dr. White has conducted concerning Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, Arminianism, evolution and much more.

  • Begin in Christ

    This is the perfect resource for a brand new follower of Christ to discover all the important basics of the Christian life.


    A fantastic Christian resource web site that tackles many doctrinal and socially relevant issues.

  • Daylights

    This is a daily devotional series produced by GCA, also containing a listing of the daily reading from the One Year Bible.

  • Faithwalkers

    Faithwalkers is an annual GCC conference designed to encourage and equip the saints to carry out the Great Commission.

  • Flickr

    If you are looking for where we store our photos online, this is the place!

  • Great Commission Churches

    Founded in 1970, GCC is a fellowship of more than 180 evangelical Christian churches and ministries throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia, united around a common history, shared values, and the authority of God's Word.

  • Great Commission Northwest Dads

    The single purpose of this web site is to nurture boldness and courage in fathers, equipping them to be impact players in God's work of reaching our needy world and helping them reproduce this heart and call in their children.

  • Mormon Resignation

    This website will assist the many people who have expressed a sincere desire to exert their constitutional right to freedom of religion and change their church affiliation by formally resigning from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Although the views expressed on this site are not necessarily those of The Rock — we love and appreciate our Mormon friends — we feel it is still a very helpful and up-to-date site.

  • One Year Bible Online

    The One Year Bible daily reading plan consist of passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This arrangement of Scripture brings variety and a fresh approach to each day's 15-minute reading, while providing a clear understanding of the Bible's larger message. No other "through the bible" plan presents the entire bible in such a user-friendly format.

  • Premeditated Parenting

    This web site lends wisdom, support and practical help for Christian parents who are striving to raise godly kids in a crazy mixed-up world.

  • Spiritual Gifts Survey

    This survey provided by LifeWay Christian Resources will help you determine how God has gifted you for service and how you can begin to use this gift in ministry to others.
    Spiritual Gifts Survey

  • Standing Together Ministries

    Standing Together Minsistries has set out to be a catalyst for uniting Utah's Christian community around movements of prayer, service and strategic evangelism.

  • Vimeo

    Vimeo is a web service that we host all of our videos on, if you are looking for a certain video, this is the place!