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  1. Family: United series (West Location Only)

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    Family United

    Most people start their marriages with the high hopes of “happily ever after”. But, then life gets in the way, and they find that they are not united (or happy) with the person they started out being so close to. Add children to the mix, and suddenly, a home of love and unity seems impossible!


    Join us for a four week series at our Taylorsville Location, where we’ll look at what the Bible says about marriage and parenting — so our homes can be “Family: United.”

    May 22, (Part One — Marriage)
    Having a great marriage is not second-nature to anyone, yet a failing marriage often takes one or both people by surprise. This message shares four practical steps that can guarantee unity and give hope for a solid future.

    May 29, (Part Two — Marriage)
    Having disunity with your spouse is often compounded by the onslaught of difficult circumstances and bad decisions. When the storms of life hit your marriage, it’s time to move to higher ground — the place of forgiveness.

    June 5, (Part Three — Marriage)
    Do you feel like your marriage is on the brink of destruction, is vulnerable and exposed? If so, it’s time to take cover. This message looks at five preventive steps on how to protect your marriage from the destructive forces assailing it.

    June 12, (Part Four — Parenting)
    Marriage is hard enough, but throw in some children and most people feel completely lost and bewildered. How do you survive and thrive as a parent? The Bible gives clear instructions to guide you through the jungle of parenting.

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  2. The Rock Church West – Grand Opening

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    Our big day has finally arrived! Last summer, we sent 60 faithful saints to venture off and start a new church service on the west side of the valley. On Friday, February 6, The Rock Church West will have our GRAND OPENING!


    We are so excited to see what God will do with our faithfulness to honor and serve Him. We are asking that you join us in prayer for God to do the miraculous and draw hundreds and hundreds of new people into His Church and save their souls! Feel free to invite a friend and join us February 6, or we’d love to have you any Friday night this spring!

    Friday Nights – 7:00 p.m. at 5445 S 2700 W

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